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Company Registrar

Directors of UK limited companies are required by law to maintain registers of shareholders, directors, mortgages and other company details. Directors must file annual returns at Companies House and file forms whenever specific events take place, such as the appointment of a new director, an increase in share capital, or the allotment of shares.

If you're not doing this kind of work regularly, it is easy to leave something out, forget to file a form and fall foul of the law.

At Suretax we look after the statutory obligations for many of our clients, so we know what we're doing - we do it quickly, efficiently, and for a very modest fee indeed. With dedicated software, and online access to Companies House the whole process is fast and painless. And because we offer our clients the use of our address as their company's registered office, we can make absolutely certain no official communication goes unnoticed.

Let us take away this hassle which causes many businesses concern and stress each year. We offer competitive pricing and are very flexible